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Our Story

Yaygit is an acronym for “You And Your Gastrointestinal Tract’. For us, it’s all about good gut health; everything we eat and how it supports our longterm health. 

We take the guess work out for you, making sure all our cold-pressed juices, smoothies, nut butters, and meals are nutrient dense, high fiber, and full of antioxidents.

Yaygit's founder took from her personal journey with endometriosis and PCOS paired with her experiences with juicing and whole foods over the years, which allowed her to build a more loving relationship with body and gut. She felt it was time to share the beautiful blends she had created over the years, with those within and outside of her community. 

Yaygit comes from a place of love and healing. A tauren love for food and feeding others, and caring for those in the community; it’s grounding. 

Yaygit puts its focus on nurturing the gut, feeding healthy bacteria, and creating a healthy gut environment, which facilitates thriving microbiome growth.